RASPTENDO: The Slickest Retro Gaming Case for RASPBERRY Pi 3

The RASPTENDO Retro Gaming Case is currently the slickest enclosure for your Raspberry Pi 3. The SNES inspired design brings back the fun and nostalgia of the roaring sounds of 90’s and the quintessential images of the 16-bit graphics of the time.


When installed with a game emulator, like Retropie, your Raspberry Pi 3 with the RASPTENDO Retro gaming case becomes a display worthy SNES inspired console for any living room or game room.


The RASPTENDO Case resolves the common issues when turning your Raspberry Pi 3 into a game or entertainment console. Primarily most cases out there are straight out ugly. The RASPTENDO case brings in the nostalgic flair to a barebones Raspberry Pi 3.


Personally, I never liked the placement of the HDMI and power sockets when fitted with most of the case in the market. Everything seems unnatural especially when you need to access the USB port and LAN port. You know what I mean when you have used your Raspberry Pi long enough.


The RASPTENDO Case form factor basically not only make your Raspberry Pi visually appealing but functionally better. The following  design consideration and features allows for a better user experience for the Raspberry Pi 3 either as a game console or entertainment system – and maybe even as a regular Linux computer on your desktop.


The Rasptendo Case provides for the following:

  • Rear access to HDMI and power cables
  • Functional POWER and RESET Buttons
  • Front USB Access
  • Easy access to micro SD card

For more information you can visit https://rasptendo.com

To buy the RASPTENDO Case follow the link: https://www.argon40.com/rasptendo.html


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