Installing Raspberry Pi Operating Systems in your Raspberry Pi

This post will guide you on installing operating system (OS) images in your Raspberry Pi.

You need:

  • SD card
  • computer with SD card reader
  • Etcher
  • image of your desired OS
Option 1 – Writing images to your SD Card
  1. Insert your SD card to your computer
  2. Download your preferred operating system. For Raspberry Pi beginners, Raspbian is a good starting OS.
  3. Navigate to your downloaded operating system. Etcher can still burn the image even if it is packaged as a .zip file. Click Flash! and wait for it to finish.
  4. Insert the SD card to your Raspberry Pi. Follow instructions in your chosen operating system’s first boot up.

Option 2 – via NOOBS

Installing via NOOBS is very easy. New Out Of the Box Software (NOOBS) is an easy installer created by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. To install an OS via NOOBS,
1. Download NOOBS.

2. Extract the downloaded file using your favorite extracting tool.
3. Copy and paste the extracted files to your formatted SD card. If you’re having trouble formatting your SD card, we recommend the SD Card Formatter by the SD Association themselves.

4. Insert your SD card in your Raspberry Pi 3 and boot up. Choose the operating system you want to install.

  • Raspbian*
  • Pidora
  • LibreELEC
  • OSMC
  • Arch Linux

*OS available for offline install

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