It’s pretty amazing how a tiny board like the Raspberry Pi 3 can play games up to generations like the Playstation 1. That said, the Pi can easily overheat without a heatsink or any other form of cooling. We originally had support for Raspbian and Retropie, but recently we added support for Recalbox. So let’s take a step-by-step guide on how to install the power button and fans for Recalbox.

How to install Argon ONE Power Button and Fan Control

  • Connect the RecalBox to the internet
    • This can be done with either ethernet or WiFi
    • To connect to the WiFi, go to Main Menu>Network Settings
  • Enable SSH. You need another computer to access the terminal of RecalBox
    • To check if SSH is enabled, go to Main Menu>Network Settings
  • Connect via SSH. The default username for RecalBox is root while the default password is recalboxroot
    • For Windows users, the best way to use SSH is through Putty
      using recalbox as the port
    • Linux users, on the other hand, need to look for the IP address of their PC and go to the terminal to use ssh root@[ip address of device]
      • If connecting to the device for the first time, users will be asked if they want to connect to the device. Confirm by typing yes
      • Otherwise, the password must then be typed to connect to the device
  • Once connected, go to the root directory by using cd ..
    • Always use ls as a reference of the last directory you were previously in
    • If no changes in folders were made after using cd .., you’re in the root directory
  • Use curl | bash
  • Use reboot to reboot the Pi after installing the script