Sometimes, you just want to kick back, relax, and listen to some tunes or watch a movie on your Raspberry Pi 3 after a hard day of work. That said, it can be hard to do if you can’t cool the Pi after being used for a long period of time. We wanted to help people deal with that by adding OMSC support for the Argon ONE case.

How to install Argon ONE Power Button and Fan Control

  • Connect the OSMC to the internet.This can be done with either ethernet or WiFi
    • To check if the Ethernet or WiFi adapters are enabled, go to Programs>My OMSC>Network and go to either Wired for the ethernet or Wireless for the WiFi
  • Enable SSH upon installation. You need another computer to access the terminal of OSMC.
    • To check if SSH is enabled, go to Programs>My OMSC>Services
  • Connect via SSH. The default username for OSMC is osmc while the default password is osmc.
    • For Windows users, the best way to use SSH is through Putty
      using the IP address of the Pi as the port
    • Linux users, on the other hand, need to look for the IP address of their PC and go to the terminal to use ssh osmc@[ip address of device]
      • If connecting to the device for the first time, users will be asked if they want to connect to the device. Confirm by typing yes
      • Otherwise, the password must then be typed to connect to the device
  • Once connected, go to the root directory by using cd ..
    • Always use ls as a reference of the last directory you were previously in
    • If no changes in folders were made after using cd .., you’re in the root directory
  • Use sudo apt-get update to download the updates needed to use python on OMSC
  • Use sudo apt-get dist-upgrade to install the updates to use python on OMSC
  • Use curl | bash
  • Use reboot to reboot the Pi after installing the script.